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  Bio Fertilizers  
Our bio organic fertilizers are rich in natural contents like potash, phosphorus, nitrogen, amino acids and so forth.
  Organic Fertilizers  
Our Organic Fertilizers are rich in natural contents. Organic Plant Fertilizer provided by us is of high quality and it helps in the enrichment of soil. We bring wide range of natural organic fertilizer which is effective against the growth of all kinds of germicides. Enrichment, resulting out of our fertilizers, leads to the production of healthy crops, vegetables, cereals, fruits etc. These organic agriculture fertilizers help to improve the soil for organic agriculture and it is suitable for all types of soils.
  Organic Neem Cake  
Our products include neem oil, cakes and neem powder which includes bio manure produced with vermi compost and other eco friendly non chemical based fertilizers. Neem cake is an excellent organic fertilizer. It acts as a perfect soil conditioner, fungicide, retains water to the plant. It protects crops from parasite and enriches the soil. We can simply say that Neem cake is a traditional organic fertilizer of India.

Advantages of organic fertilizers:
  • Controls from harmful disease
  • Safe for human beings and environment
  • Increase soil fertility and productivity
  • Yield will be export quality product
organic neem cake, fertilizers, coimbatore
  Organic Plant Protectors  
Plant protector based on plant enzyme effective against pest and insects harmful in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Our organic plant protector controls pest like White flies, Gall fly, Aphids, Thrips, Mealy bug, Mites, Black fly, Pod fly, Brown plant hoppers, Scale insects etc.
  Growth Promoters and Yield Enhancers  
We also provide natural product for your crop's growth, yield...